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Terms and Conditions

Tri Area Skating Club (

  • These terms and conditions are between you and the Tri Area Skating Club (TASC), the organization that manages your use of this website ("the site") and its content
  • By using this site, you have accepted these Terms and Conditions of use.  TASC reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions as necessary without notice to you. 
  • All prices are in Canadian Dollars. 
  • We do not export any goods or services.
  • Refunds can be issued up to and including the 2nd week of skating.  After this time no refunds will be issued.  If you require a refund, you must email immediately to notify us of your withdrawal. 
  • Skate Canada fee of $44 must be paid per skater and will be added during your registration.  This covers skaters for one skating season (Sept 1-Aug 31) and only needs to be paid once per season.  The Skate Canada Fee is non refundable.
  • All programs will take place as indicated for your session (Glenn Hall arena in Stony Plain or Tri Leisure Center in Spruce Grove).  There are no make up classes, or prorated fees if you start late.
  • It is understood that the Tri Area Skating Club shall not be liable for injury or loss occasioned by the member while travelling to or from or participating in skating practices, competitions or other activities. The member and/or members parents/guardians agrees to indemnify the TASC, Skate Canada and hold it harmless from any claims or demands in respect of such damage or loss.  The coach also has my permission to take my child for medical attention if required.  I agree to accept all financial responsibility for said medical care.  Registration is only accepted upon such condition.
  • Any information and materials on this site were produced and/or compiled by the TASC to provide site visitors with information such as, but not limited to, TASC operation, programs, policies, procedures, rules, events, and services.  Copyright of any website content or graphical images are owned or licensed by TASC.  You may download, print and reproduce the written materilas on this website for your own personal information and non-commercial use to participate and register for programs, events and initiatives.  Reporduction and distribution of any graphical elements on the site is prohibited, except with the written consent from the TASC.  The TASC logo may not be used without written permission from the TASC
  • NSF Cheques will be charged a $25 NSF Fee
  • No Skaters will be allowed on the ice until fees are paid and fundraising commitments are made
  • There will be NO make up classes for the group classes missed
  • Classes are subject to change at any time
  • Report Cards for Group Programs (PreCanSkate, CanSkate, Advanced CanSkate, Adult/Teen, PrePower, GroupStar) will only be issued if a skater attends a minimum of 6 classes in one Session.
  • A Late Fee of $35 will be added to all Registrations processed within one week of Program Start Date
  • Additionally to these terms and conditions, you will be required to accept the policies as required for each program as you register.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the TASC and its directors, agents and employees from any liability, loss, claim, expense or demand relating to the use of this site.


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