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Junior Academy


What is Junior Academy? Junior Academy is a Learn-to-Figure skate program. The curriculum for this program has been developed by our own coaches for skaters to build a solid foundation for long term success in the sport of figure skating.

Skaters will work on basic skating skills, turns and transitions, performance/presentation, jumps, spins, field movements and much more! Typically a skater will come on the ice and warm-up for several minutes, performing basic skating skills, after that they will begin their instruction time with the coach(s) followed by creative skating or free time.

Off-Ice training is a vital part of the Junior Academy curriculum. Skaters will train flexibility, learn and strengthen positions that they will use on the ice, perform exercises that will further develop their motor/movement skills and patterns. The off-ice portion of the program is not meant to be optional so please be sure your skater attends.

Skaters must have completed the Stage 4 badge and must have the approval of the head coach  to register in this program.


Jan 9 - Mar 25, 2023 


Tuesday 5:00pm - 6:00pm TLC-S  
Friday 5:45pm-6:45pm GH  
Sat Off-Ice/Dance 10:45am-11:30am TLC  


Cost per session:

10 Classes



(includes Off-ice)


REGISTER - Opens Dec 20

$44 Skate Canada Fee will be added to all registrations.

*Skate Canada Fee added to each registration once per skater per season. Insurance covers from Sept 1 - Aug 31.

**Skate Canada Fee is Non-Refundable

*** For payment plan options, contact Cheryl Wiese - Administrative Director at or 780-201-8558.

Sign up for 2+ days/week and you will receive 10% off at checkout

(Only applies for same skater)

1 Fundraising credit required per season

Register early as spots are limited

***Classes are subject to change***