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Every Skate Canada skating program complements the others and allows for unrestricted movement and development through the system. All programs are taught by professional coaches certified through the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). 

Skate Canada programs are based on a long-term athlete development model (LTAD).

Skate Canada’s LTAD model is designed to assist coaches, parents, volunteers and administrators create an environment that allows skaters to fully develop and reach their potential in the sport, regardless of whether their goals are recreational or competitive in nature.




PreCanSkate is an introductory Learn-To-Skate class for 3-5 yr olds. Skaters will be introduced to the ice and learn skating basics through games, music, circuits, and creative expression in a safe and fun environment.

Skaters must be 3 years old by Sept 1 (S1) & Jan 1 (S2)

Mar 1 (Spring)

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CanSkate is Skate Canada’s Learn-to-Skate Program for 5-12 yr olds. Participants earn badges/ribbons while focusing on three fundamental areas (agility, balance, and control) divided into six stages (music, warm-up, lessons, challenge zone, fast track, and cool-down) for an exciting and fun group program.

Skaters must be 5 years old by Sept 1 (S1) & Jan 1 (S2) Mar 1 (Spring) or have passed the Pre-CanSkate Program.

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Advanced CanSkate

Adv CanSkate is an advanced group Learn-to-Skate Program for those skaters wanting to continue working on their CanSkate Badges in a more challenging environment, from Stage 3–6. Skills will include crossovers, turns, one-foot skating, stopping with speed, and drills to enhance your speed and power.

Must have minimum one Stage 3 ribbon and will only move into this program upon approval of the Group Program Coordinator.

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Junior Academy

Junior Academy is a Learn-to-Figure skate program giving skaters their first introduction to the STARSkate program.

The program includes group instruction and practice time.

Skaters must have completed the Stage 4 badge and must have the approval of the head coach and/or the group program coordinator to register in this program.

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Teen (12+)

The Teen Program (Active for Life) is a program offering recreational Learn-to-Skate, figure skating, or hockey focused lessons.

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Adult 19+

The Adult Program (Active for Life) is a group program offering recreational Learn-to-Skate, figure skating, or hockey/ringette focused lessons.

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CanPowerSkate provides an alternative to figure skating and is an excellent complement for those athletes playing on hockey or ringette teams. Its unique skill award program provides incentives and motivation for skaters to continue to achieve.

It is an action-packed, high energy instructional power skating program that focuses on balance, power, agility, speed and endurance. Skills, techniques and conditioning drills are taught in a progressive format that emphasizes how the skills apply to game situations.

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STARSkate comprises the following levels: Learn to Train (Star 1– 5); Learn to Compete (Star 6 – Gold/Pre-Juv to Pre-Nov); Train to Compete (Novice to Senior) & Learn/Live to Win (International/ISU).

The program includes off-ice, group enrichment, and practice time. The sessions are designated with Star 1 – 10 terminology.

Skaters must have completed the Junior Academy program and must have the approval of the head coach to register in this program.

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